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 The Portuguese company was represented at the highest level in the past 10 to 14 th February in what is considered the most important international show in the sector, exhibiting for the first time a wide range of collections using innovative ceramic techniques and according to the latest market trends.

Developed for months by the company's R&D studio, the new collections presented were very appealing for multi-cultural environments, catching the attention of visitors coming from markets as different as the USA, UK, France and Scandinavia, with a 30 per cent high in new contacts regarding to the last edition.

The new factory unit, Grestel 3, which has been operated since the end of 2016, is providing the needed additional capacity for the upcoming new projects the company is undertaking. Next door to the existing location in Portugal, this third factory has a covered area of ​​11,000 m2 and it’s expected to allow for a billing increase of more than 40 per cent already in 2017.

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