COVID-19, A message to our friends around the world

To our friends around the world,

Grestel is closely monitoring the Covid-19 worldwide situation, taking measures according with all the rules and advice of Health national and international institutions. Our priority is to help stop this pandemic and protect all our employees, customers and partners.

We have taken action to ensure the uninterrupted service of our company, keeping active a «minimum services plan». This means we will continue to receive urgent orders, fulfill existing orders and continue to provide B2B and B2C online services. Product development will also proceed with high activity levels assuring future projects will not be compromised. Our customer service and sales teams are fully equipped to work remotely, and are already in place and ready to support your customers and their teams.

We understand that challenges remain for our industry and we do believe this is a time when we need to come together. So, we thank our employees our clients and our greater community for the understanding and dedication during these troubled times.

Keep safe,