Grestel remains fully operational and open for business

As Portugal enters a period of new National restrictions in an attempt to break the spread of coronavírus, Grestel remains fully operational and open for business.

COVID-19 Government and Health National guidelines are in place for the safety of our employees and customers and are reinforced with internal measures that guarantee a normal activity of all our production lines. Such measures include:

  • Social distancing in transit and workplace;
  • Mandatory use of masks or visors and gloves inside the facilities, even when outside the work stations;
  • Daily disinfection of cafeterias, changing rooms, offices and other common areas;
  • Random checks of body temperature (or whenever it is considered necessary);
  • Monitoring by the company's clinical staff of situations of potential risk or suspected contamination by COVID-19 of any member of the team, including the use of rapid COVID tests;
  • Working closely with our Regional health delegate, taking measures to ensure compliance with all procedures and prevent contagion.

We thank our employees and our customers for their dedication and understanding during these uncertain times. Challenges will remain for our industry, but we are here to fulfill our commitments and provide support and advice for you and your team.