Grestel returns to work

Three weeks after announcing the reduction of its work activity, Grestel S.A. returns to normal activity, with the activation of all its production lines.

The company has brought back all its workforce on April 20th, applying a set of appropriate measures to maintain safety in the workplace and protect all the employees, namely:

  • Social distancing in transit areas (common areas for access to the workplace, breaks, etc.);
  • Mandatory use of masks or visors and gloves inside the facilities, even when outside the work stations;
  • Daily disinfection of cafeterias, changing rooms, offices and other common areas;
  • Random checks of body temperature (or whenever it is considered necessary);
  • Monitoring by the company's clinical staff of situations of potential risk or suspected contamination by COVID-19 of any member of the team.

Miguel Casal, CEO of Grestel SA, refers that «the actions taken in this pandemic period have as main objective the protection of the company's activity and, therefore, maintaining all jobs with full payment of their employees' remuneration, as well as the fulfilment of contracts with suppliers and customers ”.

The company, which operated on a minimum service basis between March 30th and April 17th, assumes that "the decision to return to normal activity is based on firm contracts with customers and partners".

Miguel Casal also guarantees that "Grestel continues closely monitoring the evolution of COVID-19, adjusting its security measures in accordance with all the rules and advice of Health national and international institutions”.