Grestel, S.A. receives EDP Energy and Environment Award 2017 in the Industry category

The EDP award distinguishes organizations that have achieved energy efficiency or productivity improvements as a result of adopting appropriate electrical methods and processes, as well as implementing good environmental practices among their employees, family and social environment.

Grestel was distinguished among 267 applications, reflecting its improvement in the areas of energy efficiency and environmental sustainability with the start of the third factory - Grestel 3 - at the beginning of the year. With a covered area of 11,000 m2, the construction of the new plant was conceived and designed with a concern for energy efficiency and environmental quality at the highest level, being equipped with materials and equipment that use energy rationally, resulting in an energy saving up to 30%.

Grestel is proud of this award, considering it as a distinguishing factor and recognition of its position as an organization committed to a responsible and sustainable growth.