Mental Health Week is celebrated again by Grestel

As part of the celebration of World Mental Health Day, between 10 and 14 October, Grestel promoted, for the second time, an entire week dedicated to the well-being and mental health of its employees.

Grestel sees its employees as its greatest asset and, as such, considers this the ideal opportunity to make them aware of the importance of mental health, through a set of initiatives that have in common the promotion of determinant behaviors for their well-being, inside and outside the work context.
From the activities plan we highlight the massage therapy workshop, on October 13th, the daily outdoor exercise, and the beauty services for men and women.
The concern for the well-being and mental health in a work context among its employees is in Grestel's DNA through a permanent commitment to Health and Safety at Work.

Examples of this commitment are
  • Availability of Curative Medicine, Nursing and Physiotherapy consultations;
  • Promotion of daily Workplace Gymnastics, transversal to the whole organization;
  • Regular offer of gym classes;
  • Free daily distribution of seasonal fruit to all employees;
  • Protocols with various entities in the area of health and wellness (nutrition, optics and vision, travel agencies);
  • Continuous training;
  • Communication of support and encouragement to employees in terms of general well-being and mental health through its internal channels;
  • Promotion of good environmental practices among all employees, offering working conditions where they can daily contribute to a more sustainable Environment.

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