Social Responsability - People & Community

Producing fine stoneware ceramics in a socially responsible environment is a vital element to GRESTEL.

On a social level, concern for balance is one of the qualities that have accompanied our activity since the beginning, and extends to the relationship with our employees, community, and suppliers. GRESTEL's Social Responsibility is part of a broad action plan designed with the clear purpose of contributing to the sustained development of the people we employ and the Communities where we operate.

OUR EMPLOYEES are our greatest assets

  • We make it our mission to commit to a positive and balanced work environment, guided by trusting relationships, ethical standards and high respect for human rights

    • We seek to attract and retain diverse and differentiating profiles, based on the principles of gender equality and non-discrimination or any other criteria, contributing to equal access to opportunities and social inclusion:
      • From a total of 700 employees, 70% are women. 48% Of our leadership positions are also held by women;
      • We employ around 100 employees from different nationalities, making our organizational structure multiethnic and multicultural;
      • In 2018, we integrated Eritrean refugees, who proved to be valid and potential workers;
      • We hired people with disabilities and other incapacities.
    • We believe in the personal and professional growth of our employees by investing in their continuous training:
      • Promotion Portuguese language classes as a way of integrating employees from other nationalities;
      • Partnerships with educational local and national institutions to strengthen technical skills in the ceramic craftsmanship;
      • Internal Coaching classes for middle to high levels of management.

    • We recognize key competencies for our organization, promoting measures that enhance the emergence of new talent:
      • Capturing young talent through partnerships with universities for Internship Programs, most of which result in hiring;
      • Regular participation in Job and Vocational Fairs, seeking to attract and raise awareness of different profiles for the ceramic industry.
    • We are committed to the well-being and safety of our employees, ensuring safe working conditions and promoting a healthy lifestyle:
      • Modern facilities and safe equipment;
      • Daily practice of occupational exercises, across the entire organization;
      • Regular workout activity with free classes;
      • Curative medicine and physiotherapy;
      • Daily distribution of seasonal fruits to all employees;
      • Health and wellness protocols with several entities;
      • We promote and encourage environmental-friendly practices amongst all employees and suppliers.

    Being part of the COMMUNITY

    At Grestel we are deeply involved with the communities in which we are present. Since the beginning, we aimed to positively influence its social and economic progress through the products we provide, the employment we generate and the support we grant to causes and institutions.

    • We directly support various local institutions which carry out important social work that perform relevant social work
    • Annually, we join and support almost 100 associations by donating product for fundraising purposes, from schools to sports and other cultural initiatives
    • We promote internal solidary campaigns, especially during the Holiday Season

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