Grestel develops the S.C. Beira-Mar Centennial Commemorative Medal

Grestel, through its brand Costa Nova, was challenged by Sport Clube Beira-Mar (the football club of Aveiro, where Grestel is based) to develop the commemorative medal for the centenary of this historic club.

The result is innovative - the medal, escaping the traditional metal model, is presented in ceramic (honoring the tradition of Aveiro in ceramic manufacturing), is filleted gold, and is dressed in yellow and black.

The launch of this commemorative piece happened on December 9th, at S.C. Beira-Mar's Christmas dinner. The medal can now be bought by fans at the Estádio Municipal de Aveiro on match days, members and non-members. COSTA NOVA and Grestel have been official sponsors of the Club for several years.

Developing a medal to commemorate Beira-Mar's centennial with our stoneware was a very rewarding challenge for us, we are very pleased with the final result.

Miguel Casal, CEO of Grestel

Regarding this partnership, Afonso Miranda, President of Sport Clube Beira-Mar, said

Throughout this year, Sport Clube Beira-Mar has been developing several initiatives to mark the 100 years of our Club. The partnership with Grestel allowed us to produce this 100 Years Medal of high quality, which honors the company and Sport Clube Beira-Mar! Our 100 Years Mark with the Grestel stamp will remain forever as a symbol of our Auri-Negra passion. Long live Sport Clube Beira-Mar!

The Centenary Medal of Sport Clube Beira-Mar. From left to right: Liliana Cachim, Marketing Director, Helena Ferreira, Administrator and Administrative and Financial Director, Jorge Greno, President of the General Assembly of SC Beira-Mar, and Jorge Ferreira, Administrator and Operations Director.

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