Technical Information

Grestel has set a new standard by reinventing stoneware with an exclusive formula to manufacture shapes and colours.

High-firing at 1180 ºC/2160 ºF on a single firing system creates a vitrified glazed surface to be under 0,5% on water absorption, revealing the consistency and durability of our fired clay.

Our true advantage relies on the ability to keep our products practical and multi-purposed, yet elegant and stylish for entertaining.

Commitment with Inovation

Innovation is part of Grestel’s DNA, we have a team dedicated to research and development.

Is the main instrument for delivering new products manufactured with efficient use of resources and supporting Grestel’s sustainability and future growth.

Improve Grestel’s competitiveness by developing new and optimized industrial processes to reduce waste and improve quality.

Contribute to sustainable development by reducing environmental impact with social responsibility.

Our services

Grestel is not only a manufacturer of high-end stoneware accessories, but also a provider of product development service, based on customer requirements.

Our R&D teams also develops new products inspired on the market trends of major international capitals as well as on prestigious homeware stores, answering to consumer needs across multi-cultural environments.

Our design studio includes 3D software and a skilled team, supported by technical knowledge, pursues the goal of conceiving unique masterpieces, ready to mass production purposes.